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LIPTA Fall Conference

Saturday, October 22, 2016 8:30 AM - 12 noon

Featuring professional thereminist Kip Rosser, who will speak on the physics and history of the theremin as well as perform.  We'll also get a chance to play the theremin.

 Physics Teacher Events & News




TEACHER IN SERVICE CREDITS If your school requires you to have a sequence of educational opportunities in order to receive in-service credit, SUNYSB will provide attendance certification for each of the lectures attended during the Fall 2016 semester.Contacts for attendance certification:

Physics: Lukasz Fidkowski <lukasz.fidkowski@stonybrook.edu>

Geology: Gilbert Hanson <gilbert.hanson@stonybrook.edu>

Astronomy: Michael Zingale <michael.zingale@stonybrook.edu>

Living World: Jeffrey Levinton <jeffrey.levinton@stonybrook.edu>  



ASTRONOMY LECTURE AT SUNYSB 7:30PM ESS001  James Lattimer; “Where Do Elements Heavier Than Iron Come From?”



PHYSICS LECTURE AT SUNYSB 7:30PM ESS001 Thomas Allison “Mastering the Electromagnetic Spectrum”  Most of what we associate with the word “technology” derives from our ever increasing ability to control electromagnetic fields. From the early days of telephone and radio communication to the current era of the internet and GHz microprocessors, physicists and engineers have worked relentlessly to produce and utilize electromagnetic fields of higher frequencies and larger coherent bandwidths. In this talk, I will discuss how now physicists can control light waves and even x-rays.

Fri. 9/16

BIOLOGY LECTURE AT SUNYSB 7:30PM ESS001 Jeffrey Levinton; Oysters: Can We Save Them? Can They Save Us?



GEOLOGY LECTURE AT SUNYSB 7:30PM ESS001 Gilbert N. Hanson; “The effects of acid rain on Long Island’s ecosystems”



ASTRONOMY LECTURE AT SUNYSB 7:30PM ESS001 Doug Swesty; “Ripples in Space-time: Detecting Gravitational Waves”  During past year physicists and astronomers have, for the first time, directly detected gravitational waves. This phenomena, which was predicted over a century earlier by Albert Einstein as a part of his formulation of the General Theory of Relativity, has proven extremely difficult to observe because of the properties of gravity. However, a nearly half-century long effort culminating in the Laser Interferometric Gravitational Observatory (LIGO) experiment, funded by the National Science Foundation, has now detected at least gravitational wave events that are believed to be the



6 Long Island Physics Teachers are now NYS Master Teachers!  

Richard Gearns, Sachem HS East

Justin King, Commack HS

Keith Lundquist, Huntington HS

Jaime Rogers, Walt Whitman HS

Richard Slesinski, Syosset HS

Gillian Winters, Smithtown East HS  


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Tesla Museum - Shoreham  $1.37 million dollars was raised from 33,254 contributors to buy Tesla's Wardencliffe laboratory in Shoreham and construct a museum there.

On Tesla's 158th birthday, Elon Musk pledged $1x10^6 for the effort to fully restore and operate the museum. (cnn article)


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