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2015 AP Physics Exam Analysis and Discussion

Wednesday, May 20, 2015 at BOCES, Deer Park 7-9PM

May 20, 2015 AP Discussion





Arrival & Coffee


AP-1 Exam-Bill Leacock, presenter


AP-2 Exam-Gillian Winters, presenter



 A certificate for 2 hours professional development credit will be available to current LIPTA members

NOTE: We will NOT be discussing the AP-C exam due to the limited time

 Physics Teacher Events & News




Dan Fullerton's Spring Conference Presentation (In case you couldn't make it on Saturday, 4/25/15)


NEWS FLASH!  LIPTA member (and Master Teacher) Gillian Winters wins the 2015 Paul W. Zitzewitz  Excellence in Pre-College Teaching Award


TEACHER IN SERVICE CREDITS FROM SUNYSB:  "If your school requires you to have a sequence of educational opportunities in order to receive in-service credit, please advise them that during the Spring 2015 semester we (SUNYSB) will provide attendance certification for each of the lectures attended.  Please call (631) 632-8200 for more information."  

Fri. 5/1



Physics Lecture at SUNYSB  Chang Kee Jung,  “What's Physics Got To Do With Sports?

Sports occupies an important part of American life as well as other parts of the world. It is often difficult to flip through the TV channels without encountering sports shows. Surprisingly, large fraction of the intriguing and often spectacular sports actions and feats can be explained using relatively basic physics concepts. In this talk I will discuss some interesting actions of popular sports that you most likely wondered about at some point using basic concepts in classical mechanics and fluid dynamics. I will also discuss the physics behind football kicking, NYG Odell Beckham, Jr.'s improbable catch, perhaps the greatest catch of all time in the NFL history, and the "Deflategate"  

Fri. 5/8



Astronomy Lecture at SUNYSB  Michael Zingale,“Harnessing the Power of the Sun:

The Challenges of Terrestrial Fusion”  Stars are powered by thermonuclear fusion—converting light nuclei into heavier ones, releasing an enormous amount of energy in the process. For decades, scientists have sought to replicate this power source for commercial generation, but have not yet succeeded in getting more energy out of their reactors than they put in. In this talk, we will discuss the promise of commerical fusion and the challenges that must be overcome to make it a reality.  

Tues. 6/30

11:30AM to 3:30PM

LIPTA BBQ & Regents Exam Discussion in Blue Point. (free for current LIPTA members)




6 Long Island Physics Teachers are now NYS Master Teachers!  

Richard Gearns, Sachem HS East

Justin King, Commack HS

Keith Lundquist, Huntington HS

Jaime Rogers, Walt Whitman HS

Richard Slesinski, Syosset HS

Gillian Winters, Smithtown East HS  


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Tesla Museum - Shoreham  $1.37 million dollars was raised from 33,254 contributors to buy Tesla's Wardencliffe laboratory in Shoreham and construct a museum there.

On Tesla's 158th birthday, Elon Musk pledged $1x10^6 for the effort to fully restore and operate the museum. (cnn article)


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