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Farmingdale State College will be shut down - their message is HERE


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April 1

Deadline to submit proposal to 'achieve an improved waterway environment.'. Strictly a paper study —NO FIELD WORK  

Competition details are HERE:  1st place: $600; 2nd place: $300; 3rd place: $150  


Physics Demos by John Johnston


LIPTA FALL 2018 CONFERENCE is now over, BUT you can still get the 'resistor boards'.  Sold in groups of 10 for $100, delivered to your school. Send a PO to the address in the box above.  OR, you can buy them yourself: Send a personal check to the address in the box above



SUNYSB will provide attendance certification for each of the lectures attended during the Spring 2020 semester. NYS teachers who wish to receive CTLE credit for any of these lectures must register HERE  You must register for each lecture you attend and sign-in at the lecture. The Graduate School will send a CTLE certificate about six weeks after each lecture. 

Fri 3/13

PHYSICS LECTURE AT SUNYSB  ESS 001; 7:30PM, Derek Teaney, “Having fun with quark gluon plasma"


Fri 3/27

GEOLOGY LECTURE AT SUNYSB  ESS 001; 7:30PM, Brian Phillips, “Using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) to locate impurities in minerals that can tell us something about their history” Calcium carbonate minerals such as calcite are ubiquitous in nature, being the main component of limestones and similar rocks that are exposed over about 20% of Earth’s land surface. Precipitation of carbonate minerals removes CO2 from the atmosphere, while creating a repository of valuable chemical information about the environment in which they formed. During crystal growth various impurities are incorporated into the mineral, some of which geoscientists are exploiting to infer environmental conditions at the time and place the mineral precipitated, called “paleo-environmental proxies”. With micro-analytical methods now available geoscientists can read such chemical and isotopic signatures at sub-millimeter resolution to determine chemical variability at geologically short time scales. In this presentation I will discuss the factors that determine how an impurity becomes trapped in a mineral, whether its abundance is suitable for use as an environmental proxy, and the results of some of our research that show where impurities are located in calcium carbonate minerals. For this research we use nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy, which is based on the same phenomenon as MRI and measures the pitch of atomic nuclei “singing” in a strong magnetic field. This allows us to locate impurity atoms from their chemical environment and identify some of their neighbors

Fri 4/3

ASTRONOMY LECTURE AT SUNYSB  ESS 001; 7:30PM, Prof. Neelima Sehgal, topic TBD

Fri 4/10

PHYSICS LECTURE AT SUNYSB  ESS 001; 7:30PM, Peter Chupas, topic TBD

Fri 4/17

GEOLOGY LECTURE AT SUNYSB  ESS 001; 7:30PM, Deanne Rogers, topic TBD

Fri 4/24

BIOLOGY LECTURE AT SUNYSB  ESS 001; 7:30PM, special earth day lecture, topic TBD

Fri 5/1

ASTRONOMY LECTURE AT SUNYSB  ESS 001; 7:30PM, Prof. Rosalba Perna, topic TBD

3 /14/18

Stephen Hawking dies at age 76 - read some of his QUOTES; his appearances in Star Trek TNG, the Pink Floyd album 'The Division Bell', the Simpsons, the Metropolitan Opera piece, 'The Prologue', the Big Bang Theory and the movie 'The Theory of Everything' are HERE


Leon Lederman dies at age 96 (1988 Nobel Prize in physics)


Murray Gell-Mann dies at age 89 (1969 Nobel Prize in physics)


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